Every piece of original Flower Soap Art is carved by hand from a single bar of pleasantly scented soap, then painstakingly painted by hand.  Each soap is then mounted inside of either a Mango or Coconut wood shell, then the top half of the shell is decorated with unique metal embossings or hand paintings of flowers, elephants and other beautiful designs.  No two Flower Soap Art pieces are exactly the same!  View more sample photos in our Gallery.


We employ a team of highly talented artisans in a village just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand, so your purchase helps them live a better-than-average lifestyle and helps them support their families.  Read the story about how we discovered these products here.


Our Variety Packs include FREE SHIPPING and deep discounts, however if you want to select a specific flower style or color, please use our affiliate Select Your Soaps page.   You can also contact us and we’ll do our best to meet your request depending on our current inventory.

For large orders of 5o or more units, we can fully customize the flowers, colors, and shell tops to meet your precise requests including custom text and images! These customized pieces make great party favors, including wedding favors!  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of custom artwork.